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Customer Reviews

Patricia M.

Delicious! Easy to order! Shipped wonderfully secure as not to break! Second order I’ve placed & I will order again!

Sue E.

Absolutely love the smells will shop here again


I have looked for Apple jelly like my grandma made for years. Everything was Apple butter or made with things I didn’t really want in it. Well this is it!! This is fantastic!! I will definitely order again!! Brings back good memories of childhood playing under the Apple trees!! Thank you


One doesn't even have to light it: just open the lid and the air becomes redolent with a sweet orchid scent. However, light it and enjoy this charming homemade candle. (Shipping and packing were perfect.)


5 out of 5 stars    

I could not believe how fast my order arrived! I love them forever for getting here on time. The jam was delicious. Thank you thank you!!



Absolutely fantastic! Excellent and very kind customer service, fast shipping, delicious product clearly made with love! Very highly recommend. Thank you so much!!


This is really good chokecherry jelly. This is not my first order with the seller. I highly recommend them

Hollie O.

This huckleberry fruit spread is DELICIOUS! Thank you for taking me back to MT, even if for just a few moments!

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