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A story of yumminess

Fresh Baked Scones

Meet BrandY & Pati

Pati & Brandy are a Mother in-law/ Daughter in-law team who started their business based on the idea of combining the products they each love to make.


Pati is a caffeine-infused superhero, Betty Homemaker, and top-notch chef all rolled into one. She is the maker of all of the jams and jellies.


Brandy is a candle and coffee-run massage therapist who believes good scents = a great mood. Brandy handcrafts all of the soy candles and wax melts in their little duo.


Both ladies call Whitehall, Montana home.

How It all began

The idea came sitting in Pati’s kitchen one day while trying to decide what we could do with our spare time and energy. Pati was making jelly, and Brandy was trying to be clever by coming up with business ideas. Brandy jokingly said, ”you should make jam, I should make candles and we could call it Montana Jammin’ Candles.”

Apparently, Brandy's idea struck a nerve with Pati as she lit up at the idea and they started brainstorming right there at the kitchen table. As busy moms though, the business idea got lost in the shuffle of daily life, put on the back burner for several years. In the meantime, Pati continued to make her amazing jams and jellies for her family and friends while Brandy continued with massage.


One day, feeling the frustrations of childcare, busy schedules, and more coffee than should be legally consumed, they decided to just go for it. They rolled up their sleeves and got to work. (Thankfully they love each other or this could have gotten ugly!) Pati picked berries and fruits like a mad woman (she says picking berries is her happy place) and Brandy scented fragrance after fragrance and tested waxes and wicks trying to make wonderful-smelling candles.

They started at the Farmer’s Market in Whitehall, Montana and after their first season knew they were on to something special. Then Montana Jam & Candles went online. And here they are! Starting first on Etsy, they have now branched out with their very own website. Yay, team!

Pati and Brandy really believe in the quality and personality of their items. Using locally sourced produce, they absolutely refuse to use sugar as a first ingredient in their jams and jellies. This ensures that you are tasting the fruit and not a mouthful of sugary sweetness. For their candles, they use 100% soy wax and natural fiber candle wicks so you can enjoy a clean burn with wonderful scents. Enjoy!

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